Recent Work - Film and Games Mouse Guard (2019). Services provided: Virtual Production, Motion Capture Supervision, and Motion Editing at Fox VFX Lab Call of the Wild (2020). Services provided: Virtual Production, Motion Capture Supervision, and Motion Editing at Fox VFX Lab God of War - PS4 (2018). Services provided: Virtual Production and Lead Motion Capture Editing at Sony Playstation

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About Justin Louis

Justin is a professional CG artist and Virtual Production Supervisor with feature film, games, commercials, and theme park design credits and experience. His recent credits include "The Call of the Wild", "The Last of Us 2", "Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway", "God of War", "Mouse Guard", "The Jungle Book", "Hotel Transylvania 2", "The Amazing Spiderman 2" "Captain America 2", Steven Spielberg's "The Adventures of Tintin", "Transformers: Dark of the Moon", "World of Darkness MMO", and the Academy Award Winning film "Avatar". Specializing in virtual production, character animation and layout, well versed in 3D camera tracking and matchmoving to create solutions for visual effects, and able to create organic and hard-surfaced 3D models, Justin is a versatile and proven industry artist. Justin has provided his services for some of the best companines in the business, such as Walt Disney Imagineering, Sony Playstation, MPC and Technicolor, Weta Digital, Lucasfilm and Industrial Light + Magic, Sony Pictures Imageworks, CCP Games, Modea, and Turner Studios.

Currently, Justin works as a freelance supervisor and artist. He is always interested in taking on new challenges and exciting work, and is available for upcoming projects.

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Animation for Film and Games

Character and Creature Animation is a passion of mine.

  • Dynamic key-framed animation for characters and creatures in film and visual effects.
  • Killer game animations that work with all needs of game production and unique styles.
  • Motion Capture Editing and Integration. Also available for Mocap shoots and directing.
  • Games and Film Animation experience.

Matchmoving | 3D Camera Tracking

Matchmoving is a technical art that seamlessly integrates animation and effects into live action film and video. I approach it much like puzzle solving and I love the process.

  • Camera and Object Tracking for shots and sequences.
  • Steroscopic 3D tracking and experience.
  • Match Animation for digital doubles and actor enhancements and replacements.
  • Photo modeling experience for Matchmoves and Layout.
  • Set Marking for on location shoots.

3D Modeling

Sculpting objects and terrain for environments or creating hi-resolution models for film, games, and cinematics is just another skill in the toolbox for me.

  • Hard surfaced and organic modeling.
  • Modeling from concept images and from scratch.
  • Hi-Res dynamic models for weapons, vehicles, props, and products.
  • Image based modeling for Layout and Matchmove work.
  • UV Layout, texturing, renders.

Visualization, Production, and Advertising

Virtual Production experience, visualization, on-set knowledge and experience, and content for any project.

  • Virtual Production and motion capture supervision and experience.
  • Project Bidding and management services from ride animation to feature film and games.
  • Visualization experience: previs, techvis, post-vis, stunt vis, and tech scouting and VR/XR.
  • Production skills for editing, sound, lighting, and camera operation.
  • Acting and Directing skills and experience.